A Full Guide to PaysafeCard Casinos in South Africa

    Paysafecard might be the payment method for you if you value the security of your funds, don’t want to digitally disclose your bank account or card information, want complete control over the amount you spend and feel the need to transact anonymously. Paysafe casinos are also easy to come by. Almost every online casino in South Africa accepts this mode of payment for deposits. Join us as we take you through all aspects of transacting with Paysafe at South African online casinos.

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    Getting to Know PaysafeCard a Little Better

    Gambling is a touchy subject in many places. When playing their favourite slots and online casino games, it’s only natural for players to want a little more privacy. Having a gambling-related bill appear on your bank or credit card account may not be something a player wants.

    This is one of the primary reasons for the existence of online prepaid vouchers such as Paysafecard. They let you make quick deposits at the best online casinos without having to worry about the charge appearing on your banking statements.

    Paysafecard is the most widely used online prepaid voucher in the world. It is also one of the oldest in the industry, having begun operating in Austria in 2000. The company grew into neighbouring EU markets in a few years.

    Skrill bought the brand in 2013, and when Optimal Payments Group bought Skrill in 2015, they replaced the name and called it Paysafe Group. Paysafecard became part of the Paysafe Group in 2021, which also owns Skrill and Neteller and is situated in the United Kingdom.

    When you use Paysafe at gambling websites, security and dependability are not an issue. It is a subsidiary of one of the largest online e-wallet/payment companies in the world. It has all of the necessary licences and authorisation from reputable EU and UK regulators. Paysafe is a legitimate payment method.

    On their official website, you can find a list of stores and platforms that accept Paysafecard. They’ve even worked with MasterCard to provide advanced customers an actual credit card. Paysafecard is used by roughly a billion people for online and offline shopping.

    Understanding How PaysafeCard Works

    Using a PaysafeCard is straightforward. You must locate a retail store that offers PaysafeCard PINs, select the amount you wish to purchase, which is comparable to 10, 25, 50, or 100 USD, acquire a PIN, and use it at any PaysafeCard-accepting casino. When you use a prepaid Paysafe PIN, you don’t have to show any identification or provide any personal information, therefore this approach is completely anonymous.

    There are no fees associated with buying or utilising the prepaid card. However, after the 13th month of using the same card, the corporation levies a $2 monthly cost. Paysafecard also charges a modest fee for currency conversion, usually about 2%.

    There is, however, one minor snag with this payment option in South Africa. You must first locate a retailer, which is difficult. In Cape Town and Johannesburg you will find outlets selling them. You will have to drive to Johannesburg to buy it from a physical store, even if you reside in Pretoria.

    It doesn’t make buying one in South Africa impossible; it merely makes it more difficult. You can purchase a card from a partner site online. You can either Google them or go to a Paysafecard distributor’s website. The latter is our recommendation.

    It’s worth noting that some distributors will impose a modest fee, usually around $10 for the most expensive card. Please note that no Paysafecard casino will take a PIN obtained in the United States. If you want to utilise EUR, make sure you get a Paysafecard from an official distributor in a European country.

    Prepaid cards can be topped up through a variety of services, however the maximum transaction limit is $300.

    PaysafeCard Casino Bonuses to Look Forward to

    When you use Paysafecard to make a deposit, the casino will also pay out certain bonuses linked with your deposit. Always read the casino’s terms and conditions as well as the wagering requirements for bonuses and deposits to be safe.

    Paysafe casinos for players in South Africa are highly suggested for individuals who want to deposit money in a secure and simple manner without disclosing their credit card information online. Different types of casino bonuses and promotions include:

    Depositing with Paysafecard at a Casino

    Paysafecard is accepted by many EU-based online casinos that cater to the South African market. Because ZAR is not an accepted currency on the service, you will have to pay modest currency conversion fees if you want to play in ZARs at the casino. Depositing is a straightforward procedure:

    1. 1
      To begin, purchase a voucher from any online retailer.
    2. 2
      Choose from our selection of Paysafe casinos in South Africa.
    3. 3
      Log in to your casino account and register.
    4. 4
      Choose Paysafecard from the options on the deposits page.
    5. 5
      Enter the desired amount.
    6. 6
      When prompted, enter the 16-digit PIN code.
    7. 7
      Finish the transaction.

    At online casinos, Paysafe transactions are instant and have no additional costs. You may end up paying modest currency conversion charges if you convert the card’s currency value during a deposit (such as USD – ZAR) at SA online casinos. The Paysafecard website has the most up-to-date pricing.

    In terms of using vouchers, Paysafe is really accommodating. You can utilise a portion of a voucher amount now and save the rest for later. For instance, you can buy a coupon worth a grand and only use half of that gambling online. The balance will remain in the code, which you can use at a later date.

    You can even deposit bigger sums by combining numerous vouchers. But keep track of your PIN because if you forget the 16-digit code, your money is gone! You can also check your code’s balance by going to the Paysafecard website.

    While the minimum deposit limit does ultimately depend on the online casino you choose to play at, we have found the average minimum deposit amount is around €20, therefore buying a PaysafeCard worth less than that isn’t recommended.

    Using Paysafe to Withdraw Funds from SA Online Casinos

    Paysafe is accepted as a deposit method by numerous South African casinos, but not as a withdrawal option. For individuals who use Paysafe, many casinos provide Bank Transfer as a withdrawal option. This procedure, however, is rather tedious. It can take up to 5 banking days to process and there will be a transaction fee.

    Fees Involved When Using Paysafe

    Apart from the currency conversion fee you’ll be required to pay, which is around 2%, there are three primary scenarios in which you may be required to pay additional fees while using a Paysafe voucher:

    PaysafeCard is a Safe & Secure Payment Method

    Paysafe describes itself as “As simple and secure as cash.” You pay for your card with cash or a credit card and receive a PaysafeCard that you may use online in exchange. Human flaw or avarice are the only security threats.

    Make sure that when you buy your PaysafeCard, the cashier prints it right away; if you are handed a piece of paper with the code already printed on it, you may be defrauded. When purchasing the card version, make certain that the code on the back of the card has not been tampered with, and only pay for a card that has an intact pin-code field.

    Once you’ve got your PaysafeCard, all you have to do now is go to an online casino that accepts both Paysafe and South African players, and deposit using the pin. The safety of Paysafe depends on how you use them and how cautious you are. PaysafeCard can be a very safe and secure payment option if used correctly.

    Pros & Cons of Paysafecard

    It’s highly suggested that before making the decision of using PaysafeCard as your preferred payment method, you should consider all of the pros and cons that go hand-in-hand with it. To make it easier on you, below we’ve listed some of the pros and cons you’ll come across.

    • There is no trace of casino payments on bank statements
    • Extremely safe and secure
    • A reputable and authorised payment method
    • Simple and straightforward to use
    • Minimal charges
    • Withdrawals are not possible
    • In South Africa, advanced features are not available
    • No support for ZAR - conversion fees will apply

    Similar & Alternative Payment Methods to PaysafeCard

    There are multiple other payment methods available should this one not suffice for you. It’s always good to consider all your options before making your final decision. Below you’ll find some of the alternative payment options available.

    Skrill logo transparent


    Neteller logo transparent


    PayPal Casinos Logo


    Google Pay Casinos Logo

    Google Pay

    bitcoin logo


    Breakdown of Alternative Payment Methods

    Payment MethodFeesDeposit TimeWithdrawal Time
    Skrill0-5%Instant2-48 Hours
    NetellerDepends on casinoInstantInstant
    Google Pay0%InstantN/A

    Our Thoughts on PaysafeCard

    Despite the lack of supporting ZAR as a currency, Paysafe is a reliable option for those who want to make safe casino deposits online, as you probably saw in our detailed PaysafeCard review. With its anonymity, ease of use, and scam-free status, you can definitely suggest this method of payment for online casinos in South Africa.


    Frequently Asked Questions About PaysafeCard.

    No. You’ll be pleased to know that there is no transaction fee involved when transacting with online casinos.

    When you use a Paysafe Voucher to make a deposit, the money is promptly added to your casino wallet. It’s one of the quickest ways to pay.

    Paysafecard is a great way to make anonymous deposits. In this aspect, it outperforms credit cards and online bank transfers. However, withdrawals are not possible with the prepaid voucher. Paysafe is a great solution if you simply need to make deposits and don’t mind receiving withdrawals through a different payment method.

    No, unfortunately PaysafeCard is not available for any withdrawals at this point in time.

    If you want a quick and convenient payment method that doesn’t reveal your credit card or bank account information to online casinos, choose Paysafe.

    Paysafe deposits and withdrawals are accepted at many online casinos, but not all. On this page, you’ll discover a list of the finest Paysafecard online casinos in South Africa.

    Yes, Paysafecard is part of the Paysafe Group, a worldwide payments corporation located in the United Kingdom with the necessary licensing and governmental approvals. This is a very secure and dependable payment option.

    Paysafe should not be used if you want to utilise a single payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. If you want complete anonymity and privacy, use an e-wallet like Skrill or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.