The Best Casino Bonuses in South Africa

Casino bonuses are abundant in the world of online gambling, but some may suit certain players more than others. In this page we tackle the topics of what a casino bonus is, what different types there are, what wagering requirements are, terms and conditions tied to casino bonuses, and how to claim your very own bonus.

Casinos with the Best Bonuses

South African Casinos with the Best Bonus Offers

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Definition of a Casino Bonus

Definition of a Casino Bonus

Let’s start from the basics: What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a nice treat that casinos (be they land-based or online) offer players on a regular basis. They may come in the form of extra spins at the fortune wheel or slots, free money to play at poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other table games, or even as a rebate on any losses a punter may have.

Casino bonuses are issued to both new players and returning ones, and it is easy to understand why: they are one of the most influential factors when it comes down to a player picking a new casino to play at.

Think about it: bonuses allow players to enjoy even more games at a casino and a chance to win big, whilst operators entice more gamblers to either join their casino or stay loyal to them – it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Casino bonuses Casino Days

Casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes; if you are new to online gambling, we highly suggest you keep on reading to learn the basics of online casino bonuses before choosing one of them.

There isn’t really a major difference between land-based casino bonuses and online casino bonuses: the concept remains the same. With offline casino bonuses you might be handed a voucher with a certain amount of credit or spins, but you may feel lost when entering the casino itself, overwhelmed by the choice you may have.

Online casinos help you in that regard: they easily show you the games you can take advantage of the offer with, and direct you towards any new available titles.

Sometimes you may find live casinos ready to accept the bonus you have in hand, making it all the more interesting.

On this page you will find all the information you need to start learning more about these great casino offers and how players from South Africa can make the most of them.

Different Casino Bonuses

The Different Casino Bonuses South African Players Can Find

Just like land-based casinos, online casinos love to pamper their players by showering them with casino bonuses.

You can expect to receive free spins to try your luck at slots a few more times, or casino credit that you can spend on select games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and many more!

Better yet, you can find generous operators that offer cashback bonuses where you can expect a rebate of up to 20% of your losses!

Be it a regular online casino or a low deposit type of casino, you will find below a list of the most common casino bonuses you can find at an online casino:

No Deposit Bonus (Free Bonus)

Every Saffer’s favourite: a bonus that does not require you to deposit a specific amount in order to unlock it.

They may be smaller than other bonuses you will find listed here, but they do carry their weight when you consider you can bet real money at casino games with it, increasing your chances of lining your pockets.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

No deposit free spins are bonuses that are incentified to players at different times during an account’s lifetime. They present little to no risks, as players don’t have to make a deposit in order to claim them.

Free spins no deposit can be claimed at registration or during the lifecycle of a player’s account.

Free Spins

Another great casino bonus are free spins where you are awarded a set amount of extra spins at the slots – usually x10 up to x50, though it depends on the generosity of the operator.

South African casinos usually offer extra spins at some of the most popular slots, or on specific titles of their choosing. It is therefore good practise to read the T&Cs to confirm whether you may be able to go a few more rounds on your preferred slots or not.

Welcome Bonus (Sign Up Bonus)

Just as the name entails, it is a bonus that casinos issue to give a warm welcome to their new players.

It may take the form of real money being added to your account (which, no, you cannot simply withdraw but must be spent at the casino), and usually floats around the R10,000 mark but can reach higher heights if you are lucky!

You can also get casino credit directly added to your account, and play an extra hand at table games or more with that.

Deposit Bonus

Can you guess from the name? You indeed have to make a deposit in order to qualify for this offer.

The deposit amount varies from casino to casino; however, you can expect the mark to be up to around R1,500. Casinos have upped their game and now offer up to 3 or 4 deposit bonuses to new players in order to remain competitive in the cutthroat online casino landscape.

Typically, a player can get a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to R1,500; the percentage then lowers to around 50% on the following 2-3 deposits. In short, if you deposit R100 as your first deposit at this casino, for example, you will receive an extra R100 as bonus money. When you then deposit R100 a second and third time, the casinos will award half of that amount, so R50 to your account.

Cashback Bonus

The thing with gambling is that there is the chance of losing one’s bet – which is also what makes it so exciting. However, a losing streak may tarnish the fun, and just be a bitter disappointment.

Cue in the cashback bonus: it is a bonus where casinos pay back a percentage of the losses a punter may incur, which usually lie around 5-20%.

Match Bonus

A sub-type of the deposit bonus, it consists in casinos matching the bonus amount of the gambler up to a certain percentage. Generally speaking, one can encounter a 100%, 200%, 300%, even up to 500% match bonus.

So if you were to deposit R100 and the match bonus is set to 100%, you would be accredited with an extra R100.

If the percentage were 200%, you would deposit R100 and receive R200 on top of it, for a total of R300.

Reload Bonus

Once the initial deposit bonuses are exhausted, you are not considered a new player any longer, which means that any deposit made from here on out will be classified as a “reload”.

By “reloading” your account with credit, a provider will help the punter out by offering bonuses to their discretion such as free spins, match bonuses, or more.

No Wagering Bonus

Whilst for the above you will most commonly be required to play through your bonus a set amount of times before cashing out any winnings, a no wagering bonus forfeits that.

You will not have to wager your bonus x25 times before withdrawing: you can do so immediately!

Loyalty Bonus

Online casinos pamper their most loyal players with additional bonuses. If you are a returning player, expect a few emails with some fantastic offers coming your way.

Payment Method Bonus

Sometimes you can come across online casinos offering bonuses to those players that gamble using specific payment methods such as EasyEFT, or Skrill, or EcoPayz just to mention a few.

Terms and Conditions of Casino Bonuses

Terms and Conditions of Casino Bonuses in South Africa

Now that we have a clear idea of the online casino bonuses you can find, it is time to lay out all the cards and talk about the terms and conditions that may come with them.

As you know, here at our Team of experts goes into the nitty gritty of all topics so you have a comprehensive guide to all casino related topics.

So, without further ado: terms and conditions of online casino bonuses.

Different online casino bonuses come with different requirements; however, we can summarise the most common ones as follow:

Wagering requirements | We touched upon this concept earlier when describing the individual bonuses. What a wagering requirement means is that you must wager or play through your credit a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings. If you get a R100 bonus with x50 wagering requirement, you need to wager R5,000 to be able to withdraw money from your casino account.

Maximum bet sizes | The amount of money you can bet may be capped at a certain amount. When talking free spins, this characteristic may already be in place by letting you only spins at the minimum amount possible.

Geo-restrictions | Not all bonuses are available to players from all countries – but fret not, the casinos in our toplist are all accessible by South Africans!

Limited games | Oftentimes, bonuses can only be applied to certain game types (like table games) or specific game titles. This is at the complete discretion of the online casino, so make sure to read the T&Cs to see whether your favourite game is eligible or not.

Winnings withdrawal cap | Say you are lucky and win big when playing with bonus money: can you withdraw all the winnings? Usually, the answer is no. In fact, bonuses’ T&Cs will have predetermined winning amounts you can cash out, and any extra money won will be voided.

Time limits | Casinos can’t just have bonuses lying around in the player’s account forever so they have started implementing time limits within which they must be taken advantage of. Should the punter not make use of them in time, they will automatically forfeit it and lose the right to the bonus.

Let’s look at an example together:

You have access to a welcome casino bonus that awards you and extra R200 to play at table games. What should you do?

Firstly, read the T&Cs. You can now see that the bonus is given to you in extra casino credit of a total of R200 which you must wager x10 times.

You have ten days within which you can use the welcome bonus, after which it disappears never to be used again.

Furthermore, you can only win a maximum of R3,000 when making use of your online casino bonus.

How does this all work?

Well, firstly opt-in to your welcome bonus before the 10 days are up. You will see the R200 automatically be added to your casino account. The next step is to choose a table game out of the available ones the casino offers – say, poker.

When playing, wager the R200 bonus a total of x10 times.

Have you won? Congrats!

But let’s look at an example of withdrawal limits: as mentioned, you can only win up to R3,000. Say you won a whooping R5,500, can you cash it all out? The answer is no, as you only have the right to a total of R3,000 as per terms and conditions. The other R2,500 will not be withdrawable.

The T&Cs we covered in this paragraph are the most commonly encountered, but there may well be more out there for you to find. We therefore urge you to carefully read all T&Cs you may come across in order to not be surprised later on when gambling.

Need to Look for in a Casino Bonus

What South African Players Need to Look for in an Online Casino Bonus

Apart from the T&Cs we have covered above, casino players in South Africa need to keep an eye out for a couple of additional things:

  • Casino availability > firstly, it is important to understand if a South African player can gain access to the bonus in the first place. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work and listed only casinos which are eligible to be played at from South Africa. Check out our toplists and choose your favourite to start playing.
  • Casino licence > an online casino’s legitimacy is attested by the licence(s) it holds. Peek the licensing authorities that issued the casino’s licence(s). If you are reading trustworthy casino licences, then you can gamble knowing that your back is covered.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Procedures > just like you need to ensure that a casino is legitimate, so do operators have to do the reverse. In order to ascertain your identity and that you are not committing identity theft by posing as someone else, they will require punters to upload an official method of identification and other documents. The only casinos that do not put you through a KYC process are casinos without verification.

Overall, we can state that safety should be of the utmost priority for both parties. The casino will want to ensure no fraudulent activity is going on, and players will want to ensure they are not being scammed out of their money. It is therefore essential for both to adhere to security protocols and remain mindful of them.

How to Claim a Bonus

How to Claim a Bonus: a Simple Step-by-Step Guide

We extensively covered what a casino bonus is, which types of casino bonus South African players can find, what the terms and conditions may be in order to make use of them, and lastly how to play them. But how can a player claim the bonus in the first place?

Here’s how to claim your very own online casino bonus:


Choose a casino of your liking. We suggest picking from our toplist as the names on there are all thoroughly vetted and are accessible from South Africa.


Check out the casino’s terms and conditions. If you are happy with them, continue with the next step.


Sign up to the online casino using your authentic data. Remember: the KYC process will make sure that you are who you claim to be.


Find the casino bonus and initiate the claiming procedure.


Make a deposit (if needed) by going to the casino’s cashier section, choosing a payment method, and funding your account.


Voilà! Your bonus will now be accredited to your casino account.

It’s as simple as that!

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of using a Casino Bonus

Everything in life has a balance between good and bad, and so do casino bonuses. Let’s summarise them in a few bullet points to get a clear, concise picture.


  • Free money/casino credit
  • Low to no risks
  • Different bonuses to choose from
  • Try games for free


  • Wagering requirements
  • Cashout limits
  • Time limits

Pros of a casino bonus

  • Free money/casino credit
  • Low to no risks
  • Different bonuses to choose from
  • Try games for free

With a casino bonus you are awarded free spins or casino credit with which you can play – completely free! Most of all, the risks are basically nil given that you are not betting your own money but the one gifted by the casino.

Moreover, you get a chance to play a lot of different games that you might otherwise not consider. You can therefore broaden your horizons free of charge.

Lastly, there is a bonus out there for every player. All you have to do is pick and choose the ones which suits you most and go for it!

Cons of a Casino Bonus

  • Wagering requirements
  • Cashout limits
  • Time limits

There are very few downsides to a casino bonus: you might have to meet some wagering requirements in order to cash out your winnings which, in turn, might be capped at a certain limit; and unfortunately, casino bonuses aren’t forever so they have to be played within a certain timeframe.


Our Take on Casino Bonuses for South Africans in Rand Overall

In summary, we can say that online casino bonuses are a very helpful tool for players as they not only award extra chances to win, but they also grant the opportunity to test an online casino and its games for free.

Let’s say you have only played at a land-based casino so far, and are only starting out with the idea of an online casino. You don’t really know how to work your way around it, and also do not feel like wasting your hard-earned money on trying to figure out how to navigate an online casino and its games.

Cue an online casino bonus.

You now have the chance to experiment with different games and find out for yourself that the excitement of a real-life casino can be felt just the same at an online one. Maybe you even find some online-exclusive games that you haven’t encountered before that now become your favourite!

So yes, we can definitely state that casino bonuses are something we thoroughly enjoy. If the operator offers some extra fun, why not take it?

All we have to do is remain mindful of any terms and conditions that might come attached to it, and be sure to abide by them. Other than that, it’s all fun and games when playing responsibly!

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