SiD Instant EFT Casinos

    SiD Instant EFT is a safe, instant online payment method, designed specifically for South Africans, and has been trusted by millions of SA citizens since it was launched in 2007. This payment method has experienced zero security breaches in its lifetime – a factor that contributes to its success. All you need is a bank account with one of SA’s leading banks to start using this method at the best online casinos. We’ll walk you through the entire experience at SiD casinos.

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    Best SiD Casino Sites in South Africa

    What do all South Africans have in common? When choosing to play at online casinos, we weigh up the pros and cons of the payment methods available at the casino. We consider the convenience, fees, and speed of casino deposits and withdrawals before we begin playing.

    Bonuses, promotions, bonus wagering requirements, and the selection of games are also high on our priority list.

    At, we take all these elements into account when we test and rank online casinos. The casinos listed here offer the best gameplay, payout rates, and bonuses. They’re all fully licensed by esteemed global gambling authorities. So take your pick and enjoy the ride.

    How to Deposit with SiD at Online Casinos

    SiD is not an e-wallet, so there’s no need to sign up for a virtual wallet account. It’s not a prepaid card, so you don’t have to top it up with vouchers before you can deposit. An SiD Instant EFT is an electronic funds transfer (EFT) that is cleared instantly when you deposit.

    Unlike regular EFTs, there’s no need to wait for the funds to clear. You can begin playing immediately once you have completed the deposit. The money is transferred from your bank account to your casino balance in a jiffy thanks to SiD, the payment facilitator. And the best part? SiD Instant EFT does not charge users any fees for facilitating online casino transactions. It’s also a completely safe and secure way to transact online.

    You need to have a bank account with one of South Africa’s leading banks: Absa, First National Bank, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Capitec, Investec, or TymeBank. Yes, you read that right. TymeBank was recently added to the fold. And we’re pretty sure that other well-known SA banks will be added in the future.

    Armed with a positive bank balance and an SiD Secure EFT casino account, you can proceed to the Cashier area while logged in to your casino profile and complete your deposit with the following steps:

    1. 1
      Click on Deposit.
    2. 2
      Select SID Secure EFT as your payment method.
    3. 3
      Enter the amount you want to deposit.
    4. 4
      Select your bank.
    5. 5
      Log into your bank with your online banking username and password.
    6. 6
      Select the account you want to transfer the money from. You’ll only need to complete this step if you have more than one account with the bank.
    7. 7
      Review the deposit details that prepopulate in your banking profile.
    8. 8
      Confirm the payment.
    9. 9
      Enter the one-time PIN (OTP) that the bank sends to your mobile phone or respond to the push notification sent to your banking app.
    10. 10
      Click the Enter or Proceed button to complete the transaction.

    Your casino balance will be topped up immediately. SiD does not store your bank login details and the online casino won’t have access to them at any point. The banking window that opens up (in step 5) is secured by your bank and is fully encrypted.

    When you transact at online casinos using SiD’s instant EFT payments, the merchant (online casino) is responsible for the transaction reference that shows up on your bank statement. This is the case for both deposits and withdrawals.

    Withdrawals via SiD Secure EFT

    To initiate a withdrawal from the casino using SiD Secure EFT, you will follow the same 10-step process outlined above. Except that you’ll be entering the amount you want to withdraw instead of a deposit amount.

    Withdrawals aren’t instant. As with all withdrawals, they are processed by the casino first before they are released. The internal processing time differs from casino to casino, but it typically won’t exceed 72 hours.

    Once the withdrawal is paid by the casino, SiD will take up to 48 hours to clear it and transfer it to your bank account. This is significantly faster than regular EFTs and bank transfers.Before your first withdrawal is released, the casino may ask you to send in verification documents, also known as KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. This is a standard procedure carried out by licensed online casinos and is actually a sign of a well-run operation. Licensed casinos must adhere to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policies to maintain their licences.

    The KYC documents will include a copy of your ID, driver’s licence, or passport, as well as proof of address or a recent utility bill.

    SiD Transactions: Security and Safety Measures

    The great thing about transacting at SiD Secure EFT casinos is that you’re protected by your bank’s security measures as well as additional SiD protection. If you’ve chosen to play at one of the properly licensed casinos recommended on this site, you’ll also be protected by the casino’s data encryption and privacy policies.Your SiD transactions are carried out on the banking platform of your bank. This means that the same security measures that the bank applies to your other online transactions are applied to casino transactions.

    As with regular EFTs, the bank’s security protocols will safeguard your SiD Secure EFT transactions every step of the way. You’ll be required to authorise the transaction with a one-time PIN (OTP) before any money is deducted from your bank account when you deposit.

    SiD itself is monitored by two leading privacy and security specialists, namely, Trust Guard and Go Daddy. These security companies specialise in PCI compliance, cybersecurity, and malware protection amongst other things. So you can bet that your transactions are in safe hands.

    With SiD Secure EFTs, you benefit from the following additional protection mechanisms:


    Security of your financial information

    SiD does not access or store your online banking username and password.

    Guaranteed protection

    SiD offers 100% protection on unauthorised payments taken from your account up to R5,000.

    Dispute resolution

    You can file a claim with SiD if money is taken from your account but the service is not delivered.

    Upsides and Downsides of SiD Secure EFT Casinos

    There aren’t really any drawbacks to using this secure instant transfer method at online casinos. The only thing worth considering is that you’ll have to wait a few days for your withdrawals to reflect in your bank balance.

    Other than that, there are only positive aspects to consider in our experience.

    Here are the benefits of using SiD Secure EFT to transact at online casinos:

    • SiD deposits are eligible for casino bonuses.
    • You don’t need a credit card to deposit instantly.
    • Pay directly to and from your bank account.
    • Casinos won’t request proof of deposit.
    • No need to create an e-wallet or sign up for any separate accounts.
    • Bank-level transaction security.
    • SiD Secure EFT protection.
    • Safe and user-friendly transactions on any device, including smartphones.
    • SiD does not charge users fees.

    Although your SiD Secure EFT transactions won’t incur any fees, there’s a good chance that your bank will impose a fee. Most banks charge fees for transactions.

    They may charge a once-off monthly fee or fees per transaction depending on the type of account you have with the bank.

    Keep in mind that online casinos can charge fees at their discretion as well. These fees are usually a very small percentage of the total transaction fee and you’ll be advised of them when you initiate a deposit or withdrawal.

    Any fees should also be stated on the casino’s Banking or Payments pages.

    About SiD – A DPO Company

    SiD Secure EFT is a payment method that falls under Direct Pay Online Group (DPO). It’s the foremost instant EFT solution in South Africa and was the originator of instant online EFTs in the region.

    When SiD began operating in 1998, the company focused on offering secure online card processing solutions for e-commerce websites in SA. Since then it has pioneered several payment solutions including Secure EFT, which launched in 2007. The company’s mission is to make transacting online as easy and safe as possible for all users – buyers and sellers.

    DPO Group has acquired many leading payment solutions in South Africa and neighbouring countries since it was incorporated in 2006. These acquisitions include SiD, PayGate, Setcom, VCS (Virtual Card Services Online Payment), and PayThru. The DPO Group operates in South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe.

    DPO facilitates payments at more than 25,000 online merchants in Africa, including online casinos, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, and over 50 airlines.The SiD pricing scheme charges merchants, such as online casinos, a 1.5% fee on transactions. Most online casinos will absorb these fees when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. In other words, they won’t pass the fees on to the players. However, some casinos may charge a fee for either deposits, withdrawals, or for both.

    Frequently Asked Questions about SiD Casinos

    A SiD casino is simply an online casino that offers SiD Secure EFT as a payment method. Some casinos support deposits and withdrawals via SiD EFT, some accept deposits only, and some casinos may only support withdrawals via SiD Secure EFT.

    Online casinos offer more than one payment method in most cases. If you’re playing at a SiD casino, it means that SiD EFT is one of the payment methods supported. You can also choose any of the other payment options available to complete your deposits and withdrawals.

    In general, online casinos are only as reliable as their licences or reputations. If you’re playing at new online casinos, you can rely on their licences since they won’t have a reputation to go by. Casinos that are licensed by respected gambling authorities are safe to play at since these sites are monitored and audited to prevent foul play, manipulation, and theft. The audits also ensure that the casino games are random and fair.

    Yes. There are plenty of SiD Secure EFT casinos that offer deposit welcome bonuses and no deposit welcome bonuses.

    If you are claiming a no deposit bonus, you can create an account with the casino and follow the prompts. The no deposit bonus will be added to your account without you having to complete a successful deposit.

    If you are claiming a deposit bonus, create an account (if you haven’t yet) and opt-in for the bonus offer. Then complete a deposit that is equal to or exceeds the minimum required deposit amount to be eligible for the bonus. Once you have completed the deposit, the bonus will be added to your casino balance.

    After thorough testing, we concluded that the online casinos listed on this page are the best sites in South Africa that support SID Instant EFT transactions.

    No. Although SiD is very popular in South Africa, not all online casinos in SA offer it as a payment method. All the casinos listed on our site support payment methods that South Africans are accustomed to. If SiD is not available, simply choose another payment method.

    SiD deposits reflect instantly in your casino account. You don’t have to wait for your funds to clear as with traditional electronic funds transfers (EFTs).

    Withdrawals may take up to 48 hours to reflect in your bank account once they have been processed and paid out by the casino. Casinos have different internal processing times, so the processing time depends on the casino that you have requested a withdrawal from.

    They might. Most online casinos won’t charge you a deposit fee since they want to encourage deposits and remain competitive. Even so, you may come across casinos that do impose a small fee for deposits.

    Similarly, withdrawals usually won’t incur fees at online casinos, but some of them might add a fee. When casinos do add fees for withdrawals via SiD EFT, they’re usually low. SiD does not charge players for deposits or withdrawals.

    Yes. You can click on any of the casino links on this page to launch the casino in your mobile browser. These online casinos are available on all devices including tablets, iPads, and smartphones. You can transact via SiD Secure EFT at these casinos on a mobile device.