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A bank transfer is a payment method facilitated by official banking institutions that allows you to transfer cash from one account to another. You can transfer funds to online casinos (deposits) or receive money from these casinos (withdrawals) via bank transfer. Over 75% of South Africa’s population has a bank account, making it easy to use this payment method for online gambling.

Best Bank Transfer Casinos

Bank Transfer Casinos in South Africa


Bank Transfer Casino Sites in South Africa

Best Bank Transfer Casino Sites in South Africa

You may be surprised to find out that the humble bank transfer is accepted by almost all online casinos. In many instances, casinos support bank transfers even if the payment method isn’t listed on their websites.

Thanks to the prevalence of bank transfers in SA, those who prefer this payment method will have no problem finding online casinos that support it. On the flip side, the volume makes the choice of casino more difficult.

At, our mission is to test casinos thoroughly and rank them so that players have plenty of safe online casinos available at their fingertips. If you’re ready to start playing at the best licensed online casinos accepting bank transfers, the list that follows is going to be your new best friend.

What are Bank Transfer Casinos?

What are Bank Transfer Casinos?

A bank transfer casino is, plainly, an online casino that supports bank transfers as a method of payment. Some casinos support bank transfers for withdrawals only, others support only deposits, and still, others support both deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer.

Bank transfers are often referred to as wire transfers at online casinos. They’re electronic transfers that take place between two bank accounts. At first glance, the concept is the same as EFTs (electronic funds transfers), direct debits, and secure instant deposits.

The difference with regular bank transfers is that there’s no third party payment provider that facilitates the transaction. The sender has to authorise their bank to transfer the funds to another bank account, without the help of a payment provider doing the administration in the background.

This is why bank transfers typically take longer than other methods of payment. They also usually incur fees for both the sender and the receiver of the funds. Online casinos generally state the fees for the bank transfer deposits and withdrawals on the Payments or Banking page of their websites. If they don’t, they’ll confirm the fees when you initiate the deposit or withdrawal.

Bank transfer casinos may not charge any fees for your payments when there is no currency conversion required.

Everyone with a bank account has probably completed a bank transfer at some point. In the past, we had to go to our nearest bank branch to fill in bank transfer forms and submit them at the bank.

Fortunately, today we can quickly and easily complete transfers online through our internet banking profiles.

There are also faster ways of completing bank transfers. We can make use of payment providers that complete the entire process for us. Using payment processors allows casino deposits to reflect instantly in your casino balance.

Examples of payment processors that facilitate instant bank transfers at online casinos are:

  • SID Secure Instant Deposit | Instant EFT
  • EasyEFT
  • PayFast | Instant EFT

With these transfer methods, the money from your deposit arrives immediately in your player account in real-time, so that you can start playing right away. These payment options are usually part of the standard portfolio for casinos with transfers.

On the rest of this page, we’ll be discussing classic bank transfers. For detailed instructions on using instant transfer providers, such as those listed above, visit our instant bank transfer guides.

Instant bank transfer providers offer the same high levels of security as classic bank transfers do. They’re also instant, which is an obvious benefit when playing at online casinos.

Bank Transfer Deposits at Online Casinos

Bank Transfer Deposits at Online Casinos

The first thing you need to do to complete a successful deposit at the online casino via bank transfer is to sign up for a casino account with an online casino that supports bank transfers.
Signing up is quick and free. You can select any of the bank transfer casinos recommended here to begin playing at the safest online casinos with awesome game portfolios and exciting bonuses and promotions.

Unlike direct debits, classic bank transfers are initiated by the player, not from the casino.

Once you’ve created an account, you can follow these steps to deposit via bank transfer:


Navigate to the casino’s cashier, banking, or deposit area.


Select “transfer” as the payment method.


Take down the casino’s banking information.


Log into your online banking profile.


Select “Transactions” or “Send Money” or similar depending on which bank you bank with.


Enter the amount you want to transfer and the casino’s banking details.


Confirm the transfer.

It usually takes about 3-5 working days to receive a confirmation email from the online casino that the deposit is in your casino account. You can then log into your casino account and begin playing.

It is important to make sure that you have filled in all the information 100% correctly; otherwise the process could be delayed even longer.

It is even more important to correctly fill in the reference number received from the online casino for the transaction process. If you don’t, the casino cannot identify where the payment came from and which player account to add the deposit to.

The reference number will usually be your casino account ID, but double-check this with the casino.

To recap, the casino will supply you with the following information that you need to take down and enter correctly when you complete the manual transfer:

  • IBAN: the casino’s international bank account number.
  • Account Holder: typically the casino’s name or the name of the holding company.
  • Reference: usually your casino account ID.
  • Bank name: the name of the casino’s bank (e.g. Standard Bank).
  • BIC code: some banks still need the BIC code of the casino’s bank.

The bank transfer steps listed above can also be completed at your physical bank location. You can fill in a transfer slip at your nearest bank branch instead of completing it online.

Withdrawing via Bank Transfer

Withdrawing via Bank Transfer

When you request a withdrawal from a bank transfer casino, you’ll need to provide the casino with your bank account details.

The bank account details required will include the following:

  • IBAN: Your own bank account number
  • Name of your bank (e.g. First National Bank)
  • Account Holder: usually your name.
  • Swift Code: you can get this code from your bank. It’s typically required for international transfers. If you’re playing at a local casino you won’t need this.

The withdrawal process is similar to other withdrawals at online casinos. Navigate to the casino’s Cashier or Withdrawals page and then follow the regular steps:
Click on Withdraw.


Select ‘Bank Transfer’ as the withdrawal method.


Enter the amount you want to withdraw.


Provide the online casino with your bank account details.


Confirm the withdrawal by clicking the correct button.


Paying out via bank transfer from online casinos usually takes around 3 to 5 working days and may be associated with fees. It could take longer than 5 working days, so be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Processing Times for Withdrawals

Processing Times for Withdrawals

If you compare bank transfers with other popular payment methods in the online casino sphere, you will quickly come across some logistical hurdles. Bank transfers are so popular because just about everyone has a bank account to manage their money, whether they manage it online or offline. But the transaction times for bank transfers are quite long.
That’s why more people are turning to digital payment methods to bypass the manual transfer method.

The transaction times depend on the bank itself and which online casino you choose. Nevertheless, a bank transfer is a completely reliable method of moving money to and from your casino account, even though it can sometimes take as long as 21 days for the money to reflect in the case of withdrawals.

Safety of Bank Transfer Casinos

Safety of Bank Transfer Casinos

Bank transfer has proven to be the most tried and tested payment method with a long history behind it.

There’s very little that can go wrong with a bank transfer, as long as the casino is reputable and properly licensed. There is also an essential advantage: pretty much everyone has a bank account so it’s a familiar method of payment.

Bank transfers have to be authorised by you with your bank. This makes them extremely safe and excludes any third parties from the process.

High rollers who want to deposit large sums of money at online casinos will also benefit from bank transfers since there’s usually no limit to the amount you can deposit. With other payment methods, there’s usually a transaction limit.

About Bank Transfers

About Bank Transfers

Bank transfer is one of the most popular means of payment worldwide and in South Africa. They can either be made at the bank itself, by filling out a transfer slip, or via online banking.
Nevertheless, users need to know that despite the given security standards and ease of use, bank transfers may be associated with fees and can usually take longer to be processed than alternative payments.

As bank accounts are managed by an institutional bank, transfers are often only processed on working days. Compared to other payment methods, it often happens that you have to wait longer for a transaction.

Nowadays, however, many banks also offer real-time transfers. These will incur additional fees. Of course, it all depends on your house bank, and it is always important to check the conditions in advance.

Pros and Cons of Bank Transfer Casinos

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bank Transfer Casinos

An online casino transfer is one of the safest payment methods on the internet. By connecting the transfer process to your regular online banking, you benefit from the security standard of a bank. Transfer fraud is not possible and there are no security holes.

We particularly recommend bank transfers to players who want to deposit large amounts of money in a single transaction. If this is not a specific requirement, we recommend using fast online transfer methods instead.

It’s important to play at licensed casinos to ensure the safety of your payments, regardless of the payment method you decide to use. If you’re going to claim a bonus, it’s a good idea to read through the bonus terms and conditions before you begin playing.


  • High security standards for online banking and for manual deposits at the bank.
  • Possible with all leading South African banks.
  • Full control over your payments – no third party payment processors.
  • Familiarity: most people know how to complete a bank transfer.
  • Flexible: you can transfer small or large amounts of money via bank transfer.


  • A personal bank account is required.
  • Longer deposit and withdrawal timeframes.
  • Additional charges, especially when converting to different currencies.

Here are a few additional things to consider when choosing bank transfer casinos:

  • Can I claim a casino bonus if I deposit with a bank transfer?
  • Which games does the casino offer?
  • Does the casino offer customer support in my language?
  • Are there live dealer games, slots, and table games?
  • Does the casino have a respected gambling licence?

All casinos with bank transfers that we recommend have been put through rigorous testing by our team of casino professionals. In our tests, we examine the game portfolios, mobile compatibility, bonuses, casino licences, and the casino’s terms and conditions.

On this page, you will find the best, most secure online casinos with bank transfers available.

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