The Ultimate Guide to Free Spins in South Africa

    If you’re new to the online gambling scene in South Africa and have begun browsing through the different sites, you’ve probably stumbled across free spins bonuses more than a few times. Although this type of casino bonus is fairly common at online sites, there’s more to these rewards than just free prizes. This is why we’ve decided to put together an in-depth guide to free spins bonuses in South Africa so that when the time comes to claim your exciting bonus offer, you’re fully equipped with all of the necessary information needed to make the most out of your free spins.

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    How Free Spins Bonuses Work at Online Casinos in South Africa

    Sons of Slots Welcome Casino Bonus South AfricaIf you’ve been trying to find ways to win real money playing thrilling slots without having to spend real money then free spins bonus offers are exactly what you’ve been searching for! Although these bonuses will often come with wagering requirements and you’ll probably need to make at least one deposit to claim your reward, some types of free spins bonuses can be claimed simply for creating an account!

    There are many reasons why casinos will offer South African players a certain number of free spins. For example, free spins can be used to play certain slots or games by specific providers as a way to either introduce or promote new releases. They could also be offered as a way to encourage players to try out the different games on offer at a specific casino. Either way, it’s perfect for players who are looking to enjoy spinning the reels without risk.

    Here we’ll delve a little deeper into the details of free spins bonuses, the wagering requirements that’ll need to be met and examples of how to work them out. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about these exciting bonuses so that you get to decide whether or not they’re truly worth claiming.

    Get to Know the Different Types of Free Spins Bonuses for South African Players

    As the name suggests, free spins can be used to play new and exciting slots for free. However, not all free spins can be claimed without making a deposit which is why we’ve provided a few examples of the different types of free spins bonuses you’ll come across at online casinos in South Africa.


    No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

    Because casinos are forever trying to compete for your attention, they will make an effort to offer bigger and better bonuses that can be found on their competitors’ sites. This is why you’ll find that there are sites out there that will reward you with free spins simply for creating an account. Keep in mind that these free spins may not be credited immediately and will often have to be claimed from the casino’s bonuses/promotions page. So, be sure to check out the bonus terms and conditions before going after a no deposit free spins bonus.

    No Wager Free Spins Bonus

    As you probably already know, most bonuses come with certain wagering requirements that’ll need to be met before you’ll be able to withdraw any money won using free spins. However, if you happen to stumble across a South African casino that offers a no wager free spins bonus, you may have just struck gold! Although the number of free spins you’ll be rewarded with may not be as many as you’d get if it came as part of a welcome package or reload bonus, it’s still a really great way to spin the reels for free knowing that whatever you win can be withdrawn right away!

    Free Spins Welcome Package

    When you decide to register at an online casino you’ll find that there are many welcome packages available to new players and although there are sites that will offer a deposit match only, most of the time it includes both a deposit match and a set of free spins. Sometimes the free spins portion of the bonus can be wager free, sometimes the amount you win while using your free spins will count as bonus funds and will be added to the deposit bonus, the total of which will have to be wagered a certain number of times. So if you’re looking for a worthwhile welcome offer then try to find one that includes only free spins, unless you’d like to double your money and spin the reels for free!
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    Free Spins Reload Bonuses

    Unfortunately for new players, free spins reload bonuses are reserved for returning players only. The idea is to get you to come back to the site and enjoy exciting slots after you’ve remained absent for a certain period of time or to reward you for climbing the prize ladder that’s part of a loyalty programme. However, not all casinos will offer free spins reload bonuses which is why you should always check out the promotions page of the casino site you’re considering to make sure that you’ll get rewarded even after the welcome offer has been claimed and enjoyed.

    The Advantages and Disadvantages That Come With Using Free Spins at Online Casinos

    If something seems too good to be true, it’s usually because it is! That’s not to say that free spins bonuses aren’t worth claiming, just that you should be aware of both the ups and downs that come with claiming them. To help you decide which types of free spins bonuses are better than others, we’ve provided a few advantages and disadvantages of each below.

    • Play Exciting New Slots for Free
    • Can be Claimed by New and Returning Players
    • There Are Many Types of Free Spins Bonuses
    • You Could Win Big Using Free Spins
    • Wagering Requirements Need to Be Met
    • Not All Slots Count Towards Playthrough Requirements

    Figuring out which type of free spins bonus is more worth it than others really depends on you specifically. If you’re happy with meeting wagering requirements and don’t mind playing popular slots for free then you’ll enjoy a good free spins reload and welcome offer.

    For players looking for a way to try out new casino games without risking anything then free spins no deposit bonuses are perfect and zero wager free spins are definitely worth it if you want to enjoy an exciting bonus with the possibility of winning but aren’t too sure whether or not you’ll be able to meet any playthrough requirements as a casual casino player.

    Why You Should Always Read Through the Terms and Conditions Before Claiming Free Spins

    We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to read the Terms and Conditions page before claiming a specific free spins bonus. If you neglect to do so then you could end up losing all of the money you’ve won using your free spins which can be more than a little frustrating if you’ve just landed a very rare win.

    Below we’ve provided a few of the important rules you may find buried within the free spins Terms and Conditions page to give you an idea of the type of rules that will need to be followed in order for you to get the most out of your bonus offer.

    Welcome Bonus Nightrush

    How to Work Out the Wagering Requirements for Free Spins Bonuses with Examples

    Wagering requirements represent the number of times the total sum of bonus funds, and in some cases, bonus funds and the deposit amount will need to be wagered before you’ll be able to withdraw any wins. The rules may vary depending on the casino you choose to play at, and if you claim a no wagering free spins bonus you don’t need to worry about this.

    But the money you win using other types of free spins bonuses can only be enjoyed if you meet the requirements. To help give you an idea of how to work out the wagering requirements for a free spins bonus we’ve provided a breakdown of both reasonable and unreasonable requirements.

    Reasonable Wagering Requirements at Online Casinos in South Africa

    Bonus Offer: 100 Free Spins

    Rules: Whatever money is won using free spins will need to be wagered at least 30 times within 30 days before you’ll be able to withdraw any of the money won.

    Money Won Using Free Spins: R1,500

    Minimum Wagering requirement: R1,500 x 30 = R45,000

    This is an example of an average wagering requirement that can be found at online casinos in South Africa. Although it’s not uncommon for it to be 40x or even 45x, the amount you need to spend will depend on how much you win so if you feel like it isn’t worth the money then you may simply keep on enjoying your online casino and allow the winnings to be removed from your account after the time to meet requirements is up.

    Unreasonable Wagering Requirements at Online Casinos in South Africa

    Bonus Offer: 100 Free Spins

    Rules: Whatever money is won using free spins will need to be wagered at least 70 times within 20 days before you’ll be able to withdraw any of the money won.

    Money Won Using Free Spins: R1,500

    Minimum Wagering requirement: R1,500 x 70 = R105,000

    Although this may seem high to the average player, it may not be so bad for high rollers who know that sometimes you need to spend big to win big. So although this falls under “unreasonable wagering requirements” it completely depends on you and how much you’re happy to spend in order to claim your big win.

    Step by Step Instructions on How to Claim Free Spins at Online Casinos in South Africa

    When claiming a free spins bonus there are several ways to go about doing so depending on the casino you decide to register at. Some may require a promo code that can be found on the casino’s Bonuses & Promotions page, some may require you to select the bonus when you deposit and if it’s a no deposit bonus all you need to do is create an account. To help you get started, we’ve provided a set of step by step instructions on how to claim a free spins bonus at an online casino in South Africa.

    1. 1
      Choose a reputable casino site that offers free spins as a welcome offer.
    2. 2
      Create an account by clicking the Sign-Up button and entering your email address, mobile number and creating a unique username and password.
    3. 3
      Go to the Promotions page and read through the Terms and Conditions
    4. 4
      If it’s a deposit bonus, go to the Cashier section of the casino’s site
    5. 5
      Make a deposit using your preferred payment method and you should have the option to claim your bonus either by selecting it or using a promotion code.
    6. 6
      Confirm your deposit and enjoy spinning the reels for free!

    Keep in mind that if a promo code is needed to claim the first deposit free spins bonus and you accidentally deposit without using it, you will miss out on the offer altogether. And if you’re claiming a no deposit bonus and aren’t sure how to activate your free spins after creating an account, simply visit the slots you’re meant to use your free spins on and chances are you’ll be able to jump straight in as the free spins will have been automatically credited.

    Alternative Bonuses That Can be Claimed at Online Casinos in South Africa

    Online casinos are jam-packed with thrilling rewards, and when you take the time to understand each, you’ll know exactly which ones will amplify your gambling experience most. Here we’ve provided a few details about alternative casino bonuses so that the next time you’re looking for a rewarding online casino in South Africa you know exactly which offers to look out for.


    Enticing Welcome Bonus Deposit Match

    As we mentioned, these bonuses will often include a certain number of free spins, however, many offer only a deposit match and in these cases, the maximum bonus amount will be a lot higher than if it were a hybrid bonus offer. You’ll be able to receive a certain percentage of your deposit back in the form of bonus funds and because the percentages can range from 50%-300% you could end up playing with much more than you originally expected.

    Exciting Reload Bonuses

    Although these bonuses could be anything from free spins to deposit matches, they’re only available to new players. If you do get a deposit match offer it’s important to note that they very rarely exceed 100% however, it’s still a great way to get additional funds after you have already claimed and enjoyed your welcome offer.

    Thrilling Promo Code Bonuses

    Promo codes are often used as a way for players to claim welcome offers, reload bonuses and cashback bonuses. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you could run into issues if you get the combination of numbers and letters wrong and should you forget to use the code you could end up missing out on the bonus altogether. However, these bonuses are a great way to claim exciting rewards that are perfect for both new and returning players.

    Rewarding No Wager Bonuses

    Who doesn’t love a free reward with no strings attached? When you claim a no wager bonus, that’s exactly what you’ll get! Although the chances of these bonuses being huge are slim to none, they’re a great way to use extra funds to try out various parts of the casino for free without having to worry about having to spend more to get your hands on an exciting win.
    Welcome Bonus Deposit MatchKickstart your gambling fun with extra fundsAvailable to new playersMight come with wagering requirements
    Reload BonusesGet an exciting bonus when you make your next depositAvailable to returning playersMight come with wagering requirements
    Promo Code BonusesCan be used to claim bonuses like match deposits, cashback bonuses and more.Available to new and returning playersMight come with wagering requirements
    No Wager BonusesYou can withdraw the money you win right away.Available to new and returning playersNo wagering requirements

    What We Have to Say About Free Spins Bonuses at Online Casinos in South Africa

    Enjoying the rewards that come with free spins bonuses all starts with taking the time to learn about each type. Once you know how to work out the wagering requirements and read through the bonus terms and conditions, you’ll know exactly what to do so that you get to play exciting slots for free and get your hands on the money you win using your bonus.

    If you can look past the wagering requirements that come with certain free spins bonus types and don’t mind playing specific slots, then we recommend checking out the free spins offers available at our recommended casino sites.